Three seemingly random teenagers are brought to Altia without warning. Now, Max Miller, Alan Grey, and Sarah Fyer must travel through this new world and figure out where it is and what it is. But as they learn more about this, new world, there is an evil rising. A Shadowy King who's purpose is to burn Altia to the ground and conquer its land with an iron fist. A war is ensuing and Max, Alan, and Sarah, may be Altia's only salvation.


The boy looked up at the sky, took a deep breath, and exhaled as calmly as possible. It was noon on a peaceful Sunday and the park was lively with all sorts of activities: Some boys played basketball on the courts; kids went up and down the slides while their parents watched and talked amongst themselves; A happy couple and their daughter played happily with their shepherd dog; A group of teenagers smoked beside a nearby tree; And at the center of it all, stood the mysterious boy, watching it all happen. He took another deep breath and smiled. The shift will happen soon, he knew. He was waiting for it.

It took seconds; The surroundings began to blurr and slowly fade. The mystery boy closed his eyes. That's when the change happened. The only sensation he felt was the shift in the wind as it started to blow in the opposite direction. Then the noise in the park ceased.

When he opened his eyes, he wasn't at the park anymore. He stood in the middle of an empty field, hopefully close to the rendezvous spot. He looked around and spotted a nearby village a few miles East. That must be Vahal, he guessed, the rendezvous place. Without a second's thought he headed towards it.

The End

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