Novelty storeMature

You walk into the novelty store, Paige didn't notice. Wow. Practical jokes, weird things to eat, "toys". This store has it all. You grab a bag from bahind the desk with the register and start looking around.

     Giant inflatable man: must have, you stick in the bag.

     Giant inflatable woman: why not.

     Plug-in rabbit vibrator: You always wanted one of those.

     You grab a few, heh, few 'insertion toys and drop them into a second bag, after you fill the first bag. You continue down the aisles and come across something that piques your interest. A neck restraint, arm restraints, and leg restraints - all in one convenient box! You put that at the front of the store, and go back to grab a few more 'restraint' things.

     "Beth! Where are you Beth?" You hear Paige yell. You walk out of the store, and up into the lingerie store, "Find some panties you like there, Diaper-ass?"

     "Haha. Yes, yes I did Slow-ass." Paige points to a closed cubicle, "They're in there. Just watch me piss myself and let me change." She crosses her arms in front of her. She waits for a few seconds before sighing, "Here I go…" You stare at her crotch. A small wet spot forms, and quickly grows. You wet spot grows and flows toward ger leg. A dribble of urine leaks through the leg of Paige's diaper, "Crap!" She yells. "Alright! I'm done, can I go change now, Slow-ass?!"

     "Yes, Diaper-ass. Go get cleaned up."

The End

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