Go shopping at a lingerie storeMature

     Paige runs off down the hall, past a few stores, stopping every once and a while to look in a window. She stops in front of one store, and waits for you to catch up. 

'Fine Diamond and Golden Jewelry'

    "Can I tell you a secret?" Paige asks, but doesn 't wait for a response, "I've always wanted to rob a jewelry store, but of course I never would…Usually. We'll have to cone back here later." She takes off running again before you can respond. 

     The next store Paige stops at is a Lingerie store - go figure. Though, not one of the big names, an independent store you've never geard of  'Strex Strap' the hell? It's almost if the person who named just came up with it on the spot *wink wink* (soneone please comment a better name for that.) 

     Paige is nowhere to be seen:

The End

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