Yes, but pretend no to scare PaigeMature

You pull your seatbelt on, "No." You have, but she doesn 't know that yet.

     You stomp on the gas pedal, spinning your tires a few times before rocketing off, weaving in and out of lanes between abandoned cars. Paige is holding onto the handle above the doof for dear lige. You continue your cruise of maddness until you come to a screeching halt in front of the main doors to the mall.

    "I'm driving home!" Paige all but yells at you.

     "I was just messing with you Diaper-ass, of course I can drive." 

     "Oh…Alright," Paige pauses for a moment, "I'll race ya' inside Slow-ass!" Paoge says as she sprints out the door. 

     "Oh that is not fair." You say as you pull the keys out of the ignition and go to pock the car, "Wait, no people - no thieves?" You happily toss the keys on your seat and push the unlocked door closed. You run into the mall after Paige.

     "Where should we go first Slow-ass?" Paige says, using the pet name she's so lovingly bestowed upon you.

     "Oh I don't know, Diaper-ass. Where do you want to go?" You reply with your new pet name for her - which in all fairness you did bestow first.

     "I want to go get some panties and get out of this damned thing." She motions to her diaper, "So can I take it off Miss-slow-ass-boss-lady?"

     "Fine…But you gave to use it first - in front of me."

     "What!? No way."

      "Well I guess your not taking it off then."

      Paige groans, "Fine. But only after I find some panties that I like!"

The End

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