Go to the mallMature

    You stop in your tracks, "Oh wait. I forgot. No peopld means no bus, and I don't have a car to drive us - and the mall is pretty far away." 

     "That won't be a problem." Paige says with a giggle as she runs back to your house.

     "What do you mean it won't be a problem?" You ask as you follow her. Paige runs into the washroom and stuffs her hand in the pocket of her dirty pants.

     "Would you like to drive a luxury SUV, or a 1998 minivan?" Paige says as she jingles the keys in front of her.

     "Haha, hilarious." You say dryly as she tosses you the SUV keys. "Now would you mind leading me to this luxury SUV diaper-ass?"

     Paige mocks insult, "Well, after all I have done for you, all you have to call me is 'diaper-ass': then no." She starts to walk away with her nose in the air. She quickly bends laughing, "Hurry your slow-ass up!" Paige yells back playfully as she starts to run, you quickly follow.

     Paige is already sitting in the SUV with her seat belt on waiting when you jog up and climb in. You put the key in the transmission and turn it - the engine starts beautifully.

     "Wait - You got your liscense in this universe, right?"

The End

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