Decide Paige needs to be diapered as punishment for peeing on youMature

Your mouth drops open, you look back at Paige.

     "Sorry…" Is all that she can get out.

     A smirk spreads across your face as you get an idea. You stand up and haul her to her feet. "I know the perfect punishment." You say to her dismay. She opens her mouth to speak, but you put a finger over her lips, "Shh. You'll find out soon enough." 

     You pull Paige out the door and toward one of your neighbour 's homes. You push open the front door you know they always leave unlocked - nuts they were. You cover Paiges eyes, and guide her down the hall and to the left, into a room. You pull your hand away from her eyes and she sees that you're both in a nursery.

     "The hell are we doing in here, Beth?" Cones here worried voice.

      "Your punishment: up on the change table!" You say in a chipper tone. She starts to protest, but you give her a playful look that silently says, "You peed on me." Defeated, she clambers up onto the change table.

       "Okay sweetie! Did someone wet herself?" You say in a babyish voice. You peek down her skirt, as if you didn 't know the answer. "You are! And today was your first day in big-girl underwear. Oh well, back into a diaper you go!" You grab a diaper from underneath the table, "Lift your bum up sweetie." Paige rolls her eyes, but does what you say. You slide the diaper under her - should fit. You pull a baby wipe out of a container and quickly wipe off Paige's privates, and splash a bit of talcum powder on her. You tape the diaper tight and motion for Paige to get up. 

     Paige stands, you spin your finger - motioning for her to turn. She groans, but turns anyway. You look her over, giving her now padded butt a smack as she faces away from you, "Cute!"

     "Haha. You've had your fun. Can I take it off now?"

     "No, it can come off when I say so.

The End

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