Look around a store for things you want but could never affordMature

     "Let's go to the mall, see what we can find there." You suggest.

     "Sure, let's go there!" Paige agrees. You both walk to the front door and begin to slide your shoes on, Paige grabs hers first, and bends over at the waist to put them on. You kneel down to put your shoes on, and get a full view up the skirt she is wearing. 'Nice choice', you tink to yourself, she chose a bright pink pair of panties. A sly grin spreads across your face. You quickly and quietly reach up her skirt, and in a flash grab the waist of her underwear give them a yank.

     "Aiee!" Paige squeals as you pull the the panties harder. Her squeal quickly turns to laughter, "Okay, that was not fair!" She says through her fit of laughs. You chuckle and bend down to finish tying your shoes - noticing your mistake as you make it.

     "This is payback!" Paige yells as she grabs your waistband and pulls it. You give a similar squeal to Paige. Paige pulls harder and harder until: Snap! The crotch and front waist snap, pulling the cloth out from your pants. Paige stands there holding your torn panties, "Um…I'm sor-" You don't let her finish before tackling her. You laugh as you pin Paige down, on her back. 

     "What are you going to do to me?" Paige says in mock terror.

     "Oh you'll see." You say with a sly smile. You grab the front waistband of Paige's underwear and start pulling. 

     "Aigh!" She screams as you pull the much thicker-than-your-own paties through her cheeks. She's lucky you didn't try to pull these apart through her crotch - that would be extremely painful. You pull and pull, harder and harder - until: Snap! You pull through the butt of her underwear.

     You collapse on top of her after you drop the torn panties beside you, just holding your head above hers.

     "Let's go to get some new ones!" You say to to Paige as you finish laughing and start to climb off of her.

      "Yeah! And th-" She stops midsentence with a soft, "oh." You stop and drop your body back down, resulting in another, though slightly louder, "Oh." 

     "What's wrong?" You desperately ask. In reply, Paige points down to her exposed crotch, which you lightly dragged your thigh across trying to get off of her, and again when you dropped yourself.

     "Oh goodness…I am so sorry." You say, and repeat. 

     "No, it's okay," Paige says audibly, but then drops her voice to a whisper, "Do it again." You look hopelessly confused, but, the hell. Why not. You drag your hip across her crotch, causing her to squirm. You drag back across her with your hip - continuing across the waist of your jeans. Paige moans quietly as she feels your hip across her flesh - but gives a yelp as your jean button grazes her sensitive skin. You hear her yelp and decide that she's close to what she wants. You decide to give her a run for her money - why not, you're already grinding. You slide up a but, rubbing your crotch into hers, "Oh, Beth. Please…Finish…" She doesn't get to conplete her request before you oblige. You push a bit harder and faster, you hear a yelp. Paige suddenly latches onto you. Nothing short of screaming, she starts to grind on you. You feel your pants soak through to your leg - did she just? Your crotch starts to dampen - are you really?

     "Oh no…" You hear. You notice that you've had your eyes closed for a while. You open your eyes to see what is bothering Paige, she is staring down. You follow her gaze to see that your pants are soaked, but the centre of which is not your crotch - but hers.

     "Sorry. I really had to pee…"

The End

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