Ask about the implications of being the only two humans on EarthMature

"So, if we're the only two people left on Earth…We can do whatever we want?" You ask with a grin.

     "I suppose so, I hadn't really thought of that." 

     "So I don't have to stay in this tiny house?"

     "I guess not." You beam, your mind runs at maximum speed going through all the things you want to do now that you can do anything you want. But a question keeps burning in the back of your mind.

     "Wait. You said that when each person met their counterpart from the othr universe, they were annihialated, right? So, why am I still here?? Was there no me in your universe?" Paige bites her bottom lip,

     "Come with me." She grabs your hand and hauls you toward the washroom. She points at the mirror and pulls her hair back like yours.

     "Oh my goodness…"

     "My name is Elizabeth Paige Wilson. But I usually go by Paige."

     "So…You-…You are-…" You stutter.

     "Yes. I am you." Paige smiles.

     You pause to collect yourself, "So then, Paige. If you are ne, you'll be like me and be thinking 'let's go explore!' Am I right?"

     Paige smiles and wraps you in another hug, "Thanks for not freaking out. And…Let's go!"

The End

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