Yes, please doMature

"Yes. Please do." You say as you try to make eye contact with Paige - but still won 't look you in the face.

     "Well. Like I said, I left my bunker to survey the damage I had done to your universe. And, I must admit, I was very suprised your universe is so unscathed. I think your universe acted as something like a mould. My universe tried to fit inside it, and everything that existed in my universe that also existed in yours ashed away off the mould. Except for living organisms. It seems that when living organisms met their counterpart , both wete annahilated - Notice the lack of humans and shrunken animal population. I think that my universe had the same human population as mine, resulting in the annialation of the human population…" Her voice cracks again, "Meaning…"

     You interject, "Don't worry about it. I can guess the result."

     Paige looks at you, tears in her eyes, "So, you're not mad?"

     "I can't get mad at such a good friend."


      "You're wearing my panties! How much more of a friend can you be?" You giggle, and so does Paige.

The End

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