That can wait, let's have lunch firstMature

You open your mouth to say yes, but your stomach intereupts you. "I'm hungry. Let's have lunch first." Paige beams,

     "Okay. I'm quite hungry, but I didn't want to ask you because you've already been so kind to me ." Paige says shyly.

     "Oh. Well. It's no problem, no problem at all. I was going to have a roast beef sandwhich for lunch. Want one?" 

     "Yes please. Yes, very much." 

     You get the food out , and prepare two roadt beef sandwhiches. You place them on plates, "Want something to drink with that? I have Coke, orange juice, milk, water."

     "I'd love a Coke, please." You smile, 

     "A fellow Coke drinker, eh. We're going to get along just fine." You laugh, and Paige does too for the first time since she walked in.

     You both begin to eat your lunch, and naturally fall into conversation. First about hair, then nails, then foods. You both finish your lunches, and put your dishes on the counter to be washed later.

     "So…Shall I continue my story?" Paige says, still somber, but she sounds a bit more comfortable around you.

The End

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