Do a little research on alternate-universe theories yourself while you waitMature

Your curiosity pushes you to pull out your laptop and search Wikipedia, (shout-out to Wikipedia - it's awesome), for 'multi-verse' . What you find is very interesting, and you spend quite a bit of time following each citation. You lose track of time, and you hear, "That's it! That's the theory I built my bridge off of." Your visitor stands over you, wrapped in a towel. She points to a diagram of universes layered on top of one another, "What I found is that our universes are layered sort of like that. But instead of clear, distinct layers, they're kind of blurred together. But anyway, I came to ask if I could borrow some clothes. Mine are kinda gross, 'cause y'know…Two weeks no washing."

     You stand up, "Oh, Yeah. Sure. follow me." You take a quick glance at her face, you sure that you know that face from somewhere. You lead her to your bedroom and open your closet. You show her your various piles of clothes, "Um…I probably should have asked you this before but…Uh, what is your name?" 

     The woman tenses a bit , "Uh, call me…Paige." 

     "Hey, that's my middle name. Cool!" You smile. "I have lots of clothes, just pick some that you like. And, in fact, I think I'm going to change . These are my work clothes." You grab a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, and walk to the washroom to change, leaving Paige to choose some clothes.

     You walk into the washroom, and are a bit suprised. Paige tidied up quite nicely. Though you can see everything that she used. Deodorent, a razor, a brush, a few ither things. You quickly change into the T-shirt and jeans. Dumping your wirk clothes into the hamper by the sink. Paige's clothes are sitting neatly folded beside it. You walk out of the washroom to see your bedroom door is still shut. You walk back to the laptop and continue your research.

     A few minutes later, Paige rounds the corner into the kitchen - and you must admit, she smells much better now. 

     "Thank you for being so kind," Paige says, "Shall I finish my story?"

The End

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