Sure, go aheadMature

"Sure.", you say as you give her one last squeeze of a hug before standing up. You lead her to your washroom, "Just turn the knob and hold the pin to turn the shower on, the hot water gauge is pretty good. You should get hot water." You open the cabinet beside the shower and pull out a towel, a facecloth, you place them on the a shelf above the toilet. "There's a new poof-ball-loofa in a package up there, there's a new toothbrush if you want it. I have deodorents, hairspray, brushes…All kinds of stuff up there. Just look around and use what you want, I have lots." You offer her a bright smile, and she lifts her head, looking you in the eye for the first time yet…You could swear you know those eyes, that nose, that mouth…But from where? 

     "Thank you, so much." She says as she wraps you in another big hug, "I don't know what I'd do if this house had been empty." 

     You aren't really sure what she meant by that last bit, but you smiled and hugged her back before walking out of the washroom - hitting the fan as you pull the door closed. 

     You sit in the kitchen, waiting for the woman to finish her shower so she can finish her story. You hear the shower come on as you hgo over her dtory in your head. Normally you wouldn't believe a word of something like this…But today is different. The lack of people provides a bit of proof for her claim, but you are still curious.

The End

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