Let her in to tell her storyMature

     "Uh, sure. Come right in." You say as you motion for her to cone inside. She nods and you can see a small smile on her downcast face. She walks in with a small,

      "Thank you." As she slips her shoes off and puts them on the mat by the door with yours. Hmm. They're the same size shoe.

     "Uh. Would you like something to drink? A glass of water, a pop, coffee?" You offer as you start to the kitchen to get yourself a glass of water.

     "Water would be great. Thanks." She says in a small, shy voice. You grab two tall glasses and fill them with water, "If you need to chat with me, just sit in the living ro-." You look out of the kitchen and the woman is already sitting on the couch, still staring down at her feet.

     "Hmm." You walk into the living room and hand your visitor her glass. You notice she has the same ring on her finger as you. Your father's ring, he gave you right before he passed away. You stop and look at the ring for a second before sitting down adjacent from the woman, across the coffee table. 

    "You've probably noticed that there aren't any people around." The woman begins softly, still staring at her toes, "And you might have noticed a few things are different in the neighbourhood outside: some sidewalks are cracked, others repaired. a few windows are cracked. A couple cars are missing." The woman reaches to get her glass if water, which she put on the coffee table. Her hands are visibly shaking. "I don't noiced it all or not, but…" Her voice wavers. "It's…" She pauses, and sniffles, "It's all my fault! And I don't know if I can fix it!" 

     Your visitor collapses into tears. Sobbing. You get up off the chair you are sitting on and sit beside her. You wrap your arm around her and try to comfort her, "It can't be all your fault." She continues to cry, but turns to cry on your shoulder, wrapping you in a tight hug.

     "But it is. I was researching the existence of alternate universes. I found some evidence of one close to my own, and started to work on a way to communicate with the other universe, your universe." She pauses for a moment as her tears slow, but she still holds on to you tightly as she continues her story, "I originally was just searching for a way to get an audio message through to you, but I stumbled upon what looked like a way to create a bridge between the two universes that I could use to cone here and observe your people. I was successful, and made many trips between universes, I learned a lot from your people, too. I learned about space exploration, social construct, many things. I even learned the language of your country." She pauses to take a drink from her water, "But bybridging the universes in the way that I did had started to pull them together." Her coice cracks again, "Both our universes began to slide toward each other - possibly destroying any in between. I noticed this happening, and I…" Her voice is muffled with tears, "I hid like a coward! I took refuge in the middle of my inter-universal bridge, using it as some sort of a bunker. I waited, and waited. Weeks before I was ready to brave the out side world of my universe…But there was nothing left." The woman begins to suck back mucus from her crying, you grab her a tissue. She blows her nose and continues. "There was nothing left. Just bits of planets and a few stars, most stars had been snuffed out as they shared a location with one in your universe. My world was gone, so I decided to come here to survey the damage I caused here…" She trails off.

     "I haven't been able to wash for two weeks, may I use your shower?" She says quite suddenly, changing the subject.

The End

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