Run and open inMature

A knock startles you. "Was that?" You hear it again, "Someone's at the door! I knew I was being silly! Everyone disapeared…Hah!" 

     You run to the door, quickly drying your eyes before wrapping your hand around the knob and yanking it open.

     "Um…Hello." Says the person on the other side of the doorframe.

     "Uh…Hi." You sheepishly reply.

     "I have a few things I need to tell you about, may I come in?" Your visitor says. You take a quick look at them up and down: they have a very feminine voice, so you guess it's a woman. She has a hood pulled over her hair, and hasn't looked you in the face yet. She is wearing a green sweater, and dark-blue skinny jeans. Her feet are covered with bright green running shoes.

     "I know you're confused and scared. I'll explain everything."

The End

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