Go home and try to call more peopleMature

"Maybe I was supposed to have the day off today." You say to yourself, "Yes. That's it." You start your way back to your home. "I should call a few more people though. This is weird." You walk in silent thought the rest of the way, and before you know it, you are back home. You run to your address book, and start calling everyone:

Abby, Anna, Anne, Beth, Bernie, Charlie…All the way down. No answers; all machines. "I'll go check my neighbours!" You sprint out the door, and up to your neighbour's. You knock, rather loudly. No answer. You knock louder. No answer. You are nothing short of punching and kicking the door. No answer. Finally, the door gives way, and you rush in. nobody. You hear a faint buzzing in the other room, you follow it.

     You follow the buzzing to a bedroom,. A girl about your age lived here, alone. You had spoken a few times. But now, all that seems to be left of her is a faint buzz. On the bed is the source of the buzzing. A vibrator sits, still wet, in a pair of panties, a bra sits just above it - about a stomach length. You pick the vibrator up and clixk it off.

     "Maybe they did all…*gulp*…Disappear.

The End

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