knock on the door hard to get someones attentionMature

You sigh. "Mr. Boss Man must be taking a nap." You bang on the door quite loudly, several times before rolling your eyes andgoing toward where you know the spare key is hidden. In an envelope underneath the seat in an abandoned car in the parking lot there is an extra key for if someone is ever locked out and needs in for some reason. Luck favours the prepared.

     You slide the key into the lock and give it a turn. You walk in and - nobody.

     "Where the hell is Angullun? That old coot hasn't missed a day since this place opened!" You look around, but find no one. "Odd." You say aloud, you slide your cell phone out of your pocket and call Maddie, the other waitress who is supposed to be working now - who is also not there.

     "Hi! This is Maddie's sexy voice…mail! Haha! I can't pick up right now so leave me a message! Pmwa! *Maddie kisses the phone to end her message*"

     "Where the hell is everyone?" You wonder to yourself. Next you call Travis, the cook who's supposed to be here. Then Charlie. Then Alice. You move down your list of contacts, anxiety building inside you. You reach the last name, 'Mom'.

     "Hi! This is Carrie! I can't pick up the phone right now, please leave a message!"

     "Even Mom! Where the hell is everyone?"

The End

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