Finish getting ready nude, it's not like anyone is watchingMature

You pull your uniform out of the closet, a short skirt and low-cut top. "I'm going to put these on later." You decide with a smile. You toss the outfit along with some panties and a bra onto your bed. you stroll into your kitchen naked, and begin preparing breakfast. Toast. You put some bread into your toaster and push the slider down to set it to toast. The jam is still out from last night. You must have forgot to put it away, hope it didn't spoil! You have a minute bow before your toast pops. You continue to hum happily, and sway slightly.

     Your breasts sway with you. You giggle, and start to sway faster. You stop your breasts as you come to a halt. You start to massage the flesh at the the base of each breast, working your way up toward the nipple. Your eyes close shut as you imagine a tall, handsome man massaging you. You feel a tingle in your crotch, and you reach down with your tight hand to rub yourself. Imagining the man's arge hands are what's touching you. Your crotch begins to moisten as - Your toast pops up, startling you. "Oh, bother. I suppose now isn't the time for that!" You quickly spread the jam on the toast and all but cram the slices down your throat. You chase it down with a tall glass of milk as you run off to brush your teeth and put your clothes on for work.

     Soon, after brushing and dressing, you do your hair. Pulled back in a simple ponytail. Your face looks cute when none of it is hidden by your, although also cute, hair. You grab your purse and run out the front door, almost forgetting to lock it, but remembering when you are reminded of the fact that you live in the poor section of your town. Run down homes and crack-houses line the streets. All looks normal, except one thing - the place is empty. There's no one. Not one man, woman, or child. Some lights are on in the houses, ""Maybe everyone had the day off but me…" You ignore that thought and kerp walking, soon arriving at your destination. You walj around back and try to walk in the door. It's locked.

The End

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