Beth: a hardworking, bottom-class waitressMature

"Today I am going to 'wow' mr. Angullun and get that promotion!" You turn to the shower and begin to hum happily as you turn the knob to start the water. You straighten up and test the water with your hand, not too hot and not too cold. Perfect! You grab the bottom of your pyjama shirt and pull it over your head. "Whew, it's a little cold in here." You grab the waistband of your pyjama pants and push them down a bit, gravity does the rest of the work for you and the pants fall to your ankles. You look yourself over in the mirror, "My. I am hot if I do say so myself." You giggle, and step into the warm shower. You weren't wrong, and a significant part of the population would agree with you, you are hot. standing 5'5, 110 lbs. a 32B breast size, and a shapely rear end. You are quite attractive.

     You rinse out your shoulder-length, dark brown hair andslide it behind your head. You grab your shampoo bottle and go to squirt a little on your hand, a little comes out. You look at the small pile, and plave it on your head. you gently work the shampoo into your hair, then let it rinse out a few moments later - to be followed by conditioner. You grab your loofa off of a hook on the shower wall and your bottle of body wash. You squirt a generous amount of soap onto the loofa and begin to scrub yourself with it. You scrub over yourarms, shoulders, underarms, breasts, stomach, all the way down to the soles of your feet, (which are also quite cute at a womens size 7). You step into the stream of hot water and let the soap be washed away - along with all the dirt, grease, and troubles that the weekend had accumulated. You run your hands through your hair one last time as you turn the knob on the shower clockwise - cutting off the stream. 

     You grab a towel off the washroom door, and vigourously dry yourself off. you wrap the towel around your hair as you eit the washroom and go back to your room: You slide your closet open:

The End

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