Waking up aloneMature

You've heard the theory that everything that everything that can happen will happen - in an alternate universe. Well, they're all alternate to one another, and our universe has collided with another - melding the two realities together. You are one of the two last hunans on Earth: You, and You.

your eyes flicker open, "Ugh. Monday." You turn your head to check your clock:

12:00 - and the display is flashing.

"Dammit! The power must have flickered!" You spring out of bed and sprint out of your bedroom, and into your kitchen to check the time on your cell phone:

6:18 - You slept three extra minutes. You laugh to yourself about your panicky awaking. You slow down and take your time in walking to the washroom. "Today'll have to be a good day after a lucky morning like this!" you say as you smile into the mirror on your washroom wall. staring back at you is:

The End

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