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There Will Be Blood

The movie stars Daniel Day Lewis as Daniel Plainview and Henry Fonda as Henry Plainview and Sara Jessica Parker as Sara Jessica Plainview.


(As I fell asleep long before the ending, I'm sure that mine will be different.  If my ending is the same as the original, I will be discouraged and probably want to stop writing for good. ) 

I know this much about the movie.  Daniel Plainview is a bad, dirty, ruthless oil man who has to tell his son that they are not blood relatives.  Daniel's son, Nathaniel Plainview , (Chris Rock), is shocked and angry at this news and in a mad blur of rhapsodic travesty plunges himself deeply into emotional outbursts.


For a while we can relax into a long, linear narrative that may have been written by a lobotomy patient who likes to discuss violence.

Then, a preacher, William Bandy, played by Dom deLuise and Margot Kidder, decides that everyone should be baptized but with all the shooting and skull splitting going on decided he's better off investing in the oil business.  At this point, for anyone still keeping track, it's difficult to tell whether there's a character not worth loathing.

Redemption comes for Nathaniel Plainview, (Chris Rock)  at the end as he not only saves his natural mother Sara Jessica Plainview from the guillotine, thereby reseating himself in the family, but also winning the state Bowling Pageant.  His opponent, William Bandy (de Luise, Kidder), favoured 5 to 1 to beat Plainview, is so guilt laden at having tried to cheat, kills himself by tossing bowling balls at his head.


Henry Plainview (Henry Fonda) makes an appearance in the Blooper reels saying "I asked if I could have a seat in your $^$#%" causing the house to come down.







The End

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