Also PeepMature

setting: underworld
genre: peep
major plot points: sharks
title: also peep

It was a lonely day in the underworld. Skorlax the bonemaster was mastering the bones, as usual.

"I feel like I've mastered these bones a million times before," he moaned. How one exactly masters bones is a secret that only a journeyman in bonemastery can know. Any apprentice just futzes around until something happens and their bone level increases.

It's important to note that in actuality Skorlax had mastered this particular set of bones exactly 21,742 times. It gets very lonely in the underworld.

Anyway, this day in the underworld was... wait, what even counts for a day in the underworld anyway? There's no sun so you can't even... ANYWAY, this day in the underworld was a special one as it began raining. This doesn't happen often since it's actually impossible, but we're not going into details here.

The rain fell and fell. Soon Skorlax got annoyed by it. "I'm tired of this RAIN messing up my BONE GROOVE," he shouted to whatever could be called the heavens. Just like that the rain stopped. "I must have mastery over the rain, too!" Skorlax thought to himself. He started making it rain on people he didn't like, like Gerald. Screw you Gerald, seriously.

After a while of mastering the rain, Skorlax grew bored. At least some bones are different to others, but rain is all the same. He started wondering if he could spice things up. He made creatures of rain fall into the underworld, which flopped about a bit because they were drowning and also falling apart. What a cruel and ironic fate. Finally he created a rainshark, the single coolest, most bad-assest thing to ever be created by a denizen of the underworld, or any other world for that matter. The rainshark was large enough that Skorlax could ride on top of it, and he did so, making it rain in front of him so that the shark could swim in the air. Yeah. That just happened.

So here he was flying through the air on a shark made of rain, flying in rain, in basically Hell or something and I don't know if that's the coolest thing you've ever heard but it'd be better be something close.

He came to Gerald's house, and tore it apart with his shark's teeth. I don't want to go into why Gerald is a jerk, but just trust me he had it coming. Then it occurred to Gerald: why not make more sharks? So now we're talking like 50 sharks or something flying through the air, literally raining death and destruction on the people of the underworld.

Skorlax, after destroying like the 20th house that day, had another brilliant idea. Use his mastery of bones to make these sharks corporeal, and that way he could easily rule the whole underworld with a rainboneshark army. And so he did so.

And that's why the underworld is infested with ridiculous sharks. Stay in school, kids. Don't go to hell.

The End

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