Big Charles' Drive

      "Any bets?" cawed Dave, everyone's favourite gambler.

      "How interesting," joked Ike, Hills' good friend. "Eleven dollars even for Gary having injuries."

      However, in jumped Karen, listening mutely."No odds needed, men," Lathelby mumbled. "Killing just interests heroes."

       Going for everything, Dave called boldly about Big Charles' drive.  "Can dim clowns destroy Charles' big automobile? Zap a bad criminal?"

      By crafty detection, eventually foolish Gary found Esteban Freeway. Getting hot in jumpsuits, Karen joined in, happily gunning for executing dastardly, cunning Big Charles. But a zealous yachtsman, Xavier Weisner, vitally understood that somebody really quiet stood to undermine vicious, wise, xenophobic, yellowing, zany and bad Charles.

       By a zig-zagging alley, both allies became attentive.

     "Big Charles' Drive coming," declared each. "Fire!"

      Gary's flamethrower emptied first. Giggling happily in joy, Karen Lathelby machine-gunned noisily.

      "Oh no," moaned Lathelby miserably.

      No man lay killed.

The End

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