Alpha-Best Challenge: Directional Changeability Brawl

A black car driving close by came down Esteban Freeway, easily doing eighty. For Gary Hills, it held great future gain. His ideas joined Karen Lathelby's masterful ninjitsu, opening possibilities Queen-like.

Rallied such, they underwent various underhanded training sessions, til secret techniques unveiled the unholy, truly wicked, xenocidal 'Yak Zap', a zap yielding zany, and bloody, consequences. Death, compared, became almost blaringly asinine.

But causing destruction encourages Fate's energetic frolicking, greatly hindering Gary's fearsome, evil, dastardly conniving. Bravo!

Can desirable effects freely germinate here? Is Hills going --- falling, effectively --- downhill? Eyes following each drawn conclusion, blooming chapters bring answers.

The End

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