The Directory

Daniel Evans was in desperate need of some money, and all seemed lost... That is, until Daniel found an ad for an experimental new machine that could 'give you a new life'.

"What am I gonna do now?!" you ask yourself. You've been trying to hold a steady job for over 2 months now,  but you haven't had much luck. "I can't go back to my parent's  house,  I mean what would they think? I can't seem to hold a job,  I'm about to lose the rent on my apartment,  What am I supposed to-" You stop blabbering on and look up when you realize that people have just been staring at you talking to yourself  much more frantically than necessary for at least two minutes. You feel your cheeks  burning and decide to just continue your walk home. Not long after,  you reach your apartment building and enter. You take the staircase up to your apartment but pause. Pinned onto your door is an advertisement with a pink sticky note on it. The sticky note says "Heard about your situation, this might help.  I'll be there too." Followed by "-Skylar" "So Skylar put this here, huh?" You think to yourself. Skylar lives next door to your apartment. She's the kind of person that would do anything to help out a friend. That's just one the many things you like about her. You consider the offer for a couple of seconds before making a decision.

The End

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