Along the Railroad Tracks

Railroad tracks. They lay out in front of him, abandoned, large planks of wood swollen and darkened with the rain of the night before. They followed one another in near perfect order,each paralell to the other, until they disappeared into the light-stained horizon. It was sunrise, the sky painted with brilliant golden rays. The start of would never see again, and who knew what it could bring? something new, the start of a day that he had never seen before, the start of a day that he

One foot in front of the other, he kept walking. Walking along the tracks, always listening for the sound of an oncoming train. These were tracks. They had to lead to somewhere, and somewhere was certainly a much better place to be than the complete nowhere in which he found himself at present. Nowhere, metaphorically and physically. There was nothing but the tracks for ages upon ages, nothing but the steel girders to follow, nothing aside from those to lead him. That was all he needed, a straight line to follow. He hadn’t exactly walked the straight and narrow in his short life, but who really did anymore? Temptation was everywhere. 

He hadn't paid attention, but he'd walked through the rain last night, felt the chill of it soak through his bones, unforgiving and piercing as needles. He was ill-equipped for the journey, in a tee-shirt,worn jeans...but he had dried off, he was fine as the morning came, a little cold, but otherwise all right. Maybe he'd fall sick of the cold, maybe he wouldn't. He had no control over it, and so he kept up moving.

And so…he walked. Nothing would hinder him, and who knew what, who, he might encounter, out on these lonely railroad tracks?

The End

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