Shut up awayMature

I always thought Mum had figured something was different about me. Well, at least now she knew.

I run past her upstairs to my room and dive onto my bed, my pillow becoming saturated from the tears pouring from my eyes. This was it, it was over for me. I lay there waiting for the inevitable. I don't have to wait long. A knock at the door. Funny, I was expecting it to be smashed off the hinges. Mum came and sat down on my bed, I flinched, ready for the pain.

But it doesn't come. Instead, I hear sobbing. Turning my head slightly, I see Mum crying. Then she grabs me in the tightest hug I think she's ever given.

"Sorry for shouting. I love you so much Will, nothing will change that. I just wish you'd told me. Was that Luke you were kissing?"

"Yes" I managed to sniffle back.

"I always knew I liked him" Mum said back.

The End

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