We did eventually get dressed and come back downstairs, where Lucy was waiting with the eggs. We all sat down and started to eat. The silence was deafening. Eventually, Lucy broke the silence by saying "So, how long have you two been together then?" "Not long" replied Luke. "I didn't even know we were together" I whispered in his ear. Luke gave me a quick kick under the table and grinned at me.

"Sorry for surprising you earlier" I started to apologize. "Listen, that's not a problem lovie, I told Luke he could come over and stay whenever he wants." "O.K" I smiled.

We left a few minutes later. As soon as we were alone, I said to Luke: "So, do your parents know?" "No, I didn't even know myself a few days ago! Do yours?" He replied. "Not a chance. Mum's against the whole idea, remember?" "Oh yeah. Well, she need never know if you don't want her too."

He walked back to my place in silence. As we went our seperate ways, we kissed. Then I went inside. Mum was stood there. "What was THAT?!" She shouted at me.

The End

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