Running away...Mature

   I stood at the egde of the park, staring into the darkness. I'd told my mom that i was staying at a mate's before i slipped out, so she was happy to let me go. I strained my ears, listening for his footsteps. Then, without any warning at all, I felt a familiar hand on my waist, familiar lips pressed to my neck. 'I'm sorry,' Luke whispered. 'I'm so scared... my parents'd kill me if they knew...'

We continued to kiss eachother for at leats ten minutes. I finally managed to pull away long enough to ask Luke something. 'Where are we going?'

'My auntie, she's gone on holiday. We can go to hers; I've got my own room in the attic. We can walk there, it's about twenty minutes away.' He murmured. God, his voice sounded so beautiful.

   When we got to Luke's aunt's, he jumped up onto a bench on the back yard and reached into a hanging basket. He came back down holding a key. It scraped in the lock.

'Okay, shoes on the rack, follow me.' He saide softly. We ran up the stairs, pulled the trapdoor down and scurried up into an airy loft space. The whole thing was black, as dark as Luke's lengthy curls. It felt small and very secluded.

   I heard the trapdoor close. As I turned from my position at the side of the bed, Luke walked towards me. He pulled my shirt off, breathing heavily. By the time i'd started on his, his hands were already at my jeans. I felt his fingers brush across me and knew that he'd felt it as much as i could. My heartbeat went off the scale.

   It was obvious what he - and what i -  wanted tonight.



The End

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