The Outcome..Mature

It was weeks until I saw Luke again. He just turned up one day at my door. We didn't say anything to each other, we just stared. Then he spoke, in his jokey kind of way: "Well you gonna let me in or not?!"

I stood aside to let him come in, and shut the door. As my back was turned, he punched me. Hard. I fell to the ground as he whispered in my ear: "I love you, but I wish I didn't."

I didn't know quite how to react to this, so without thinking, I got up and hit him back. Right in the face. That beautiful face. He stormed out of the house, shoving a piece of paper into my hand. I opened it.

Will. I don't know what happened last time we saw each other, but I know that we need to get away. Both of us. Pack a bag and meet me at the park at 10pm tomorrow.



My heart skipped. This was it. I ran upstairs to pack.

The End

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