Along came Will.Mature

Will is quite a normal Bisexual guy, but his secret desire to kiss his best friend Luke made the friendship take a very rough turn.

I was online talking to everyone and my roommate/ bestfriend Luke was extremely hyper, he kept tackling me while i was trying to concentrate. h got slightly bored and went downstairs, i decided to get him back.

i came offline and ran downstairs. Luke was sitting in the sitting room, watching something on television. i crept up slowly and shouted, "Rah!" i dived at him, and knocked him off the sofa. i jumped back up and attacked him with a sofa pillow, hitting him over the head and body. he was laughing and trying to grab the pillow, he caught it and pulled it towards him, i fell down next to him, Luke laughed again and turned to me and began wrestling me. i was trying to stand and run away while he was desperately holding onto me by any means. he finally ended up pinning me down on my back.he grabbed my hands and pushed them to the floor, so that they were stretched next to either side of my head, putting his legs on either side of my body, Luke sat on me "haha" ing in triumph as he had won. i struggled to get him off, pulling up each arm at a time, not getting very far, making a poor effort. while lying there struggling to be free i noticed what sort of position we were in. me lying inbetween Luke's legs, his strong body above my own, my hands pinned down by him. i stopped struggling. i felt a small tensed feeling of longing somewhere in my boxers. after all, i wasn't the one who put us in this position...

Luke stopped smiling he sensed my mood change. we both looked at each other for a moment. i was terrified, yet hopeful he would feel something similar to what i felt. but he just looked at me. i searched his eyes, i saw a flicker of scared confusion pass in them. He stood up quickly and backed against the wall staring at me. i stood up slowly, holding the eye contact. i walked to him. he shook his head and his eyes darted to the floor. we were both breathing heavily, "it's okay." i whispered to him, "it's okay." trying to calm him down. i reached forward and put my hand on the side of his neck. he flinched slightly but remained where he was. still staring at the ground. i slid my hand over his jaw line and round to the back of his head. Luke froze. i moved a bit closer to him my hand tightened. Luke's eyes blinked a few times and a muscle jumped in his jaw but apart from that he didn't move. i moved my head closer to his and glanced at his lips, there was sweat running down my back. my heart beat thumped ringing in my ears. i pulled his face up to mine and tilted my head moving in. but Luke jerked out of the way pushing me back.

the sweat on my back turned to ice. my mouth went dry, and my palms went sweaty. he moved away. my confidence took a huge blow. but it was either now or never. i moved in again this time with more urgency, Luke didn't move this time. my lips pressed against his, they seemed to tingle. Luke did not react, i felt more confident, he had not kissed back but he had neither flinched. Luke's eyes widened slightly as i pulled away. he looked away from the floor finally and looked me in the eye. i kissed him again, he kissed back. i kissed again, this time moving into him, his hand even raised slightly to rest on my hip. i felt butterflies and a feeling as though my head was floating somewhere a few feet above me. but then Luke put his hand on my chest and stopped me, he gave me a hard look, he was panting, he mumbled something about having to go somewhere, then he pushed past me and walked out the door..

i could have kicked myself, i stayed up most of the night thinking about Luke, hoping i hadn't fucked everything up. he was after all, my best friend exactly Why would you kiss your best mate i dont know, i dont know what's wrong with me. i didn't think at the time, idiot you are Will. you're a bloody idiot. i sighed and rubbed some of the sleep from my eyes, wondering when Luke would be back..

The End

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