Three - SummerMature

'So what do you guys wanna do tonight?' Jay snaked his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I rested my head on his shoulder, all previous feelings of unease melting blissfully away. I felt safe and secure in Jay's embrace, like he wouldn't let any harm come to me. I didn't need to feel bad for Daniel, nothing was going to happen to him. Besides, it wasn't my place to worry was it?

'We can chill at mine? My parents are out,' Grace piped up.

'Sounds good to me,' Tyler kissed Grace before turning to face the rest of us. 'What about you lot?'

'Well, I'm free tonight so why not?' Poppy smiled. We all knew that if Poppy was going, Riley would be too. They were like a unit. If one of them went somewhere, the other soon followed.

'How about you babe?' Jay asked me. 

'Yeah, why not?'

It'd be nice to spend a night with my friends, to just get away from the real world and have a bit of fun. 

'Great!' Grace grinned. 'Be round mine shall we say?'

'Definitely,' Jay replied.

'Well, my parents are probably gonna be home any second and they'll wanna speak to me about the night ahead. They think it's a big responsibility having the house to myself for a night,' Grace rolled her eyes. 'So we should probably set off.'

'Okay,' I laughed. 'You know the way out.' 

'No,' she replied sarcastically. 'I'm completely lost, help me out?'

'We should probably get going too,' Poppy intervened. 'I've got to scrounge some money off my parents for tomorrow's shopping spree. I'm completely skint at the minute.'

'Speaking of scrounging...try and bring alcohol.'

'I'll try, but I'm not promising.'

'Come on Pops, your parents are the one with all the booze.'

'What are you implying?'

There were a few minutes of silence as we all waited to see how Grace was going to get out of this one. Poppy's parents did like their alcohol, we all knew this, but it was still rude for Grace to say so. 

'Well,' Grace gave an easy laugh. 'You know...'

'No,' Poppy frowned. 'But would you care to tell me?' she took a step closer to Grace. Riley took her hand again.

'Easy babe, it's okay. She was only messing around,' he soothed.

'Sheesh Pops, didn't realize you'd get so sensitive. You need to chillax.'

'Right well. As fun as this has been...' Tyler took Grace's arm and began to lead her off. 'We'll see you all tonight.'


Who am I?

How could I answer that question when I wasn't entirely sure myself? If I didn't know how the hell was anyone else supposed to? I could write the basics. I am Summer May Vincent. I'm seventeen years old and have a mother, a father and a younger five year old sister called Melanie. I have long wavy hair the shade of honey and large grey eyes. I'm 5 foot 4 and have been described as 'petite'. Sure, that stuff was easy, but what about the more complex stuff? My likes and dislikes, who I was as a person, my personality...

I sighed in exasperation.

'What's up?' Jay spoke from the other side of my room.

'This damn essay. Seriously, how old do they think we are, six? It's like primary school all over again.'

He chuckled at my frustration. 

'Put it down babe, we're going to Grace's in an hour. Seeing as it takes you forever to get ready I'd suggest you started now.'

'Yeah?' I got up and walked over to him. 'You gonna make me?'

'I have a better idea.' He grabbed my wrist and pulled me down on the bed with him. He started kissing me, lightly at first but then with more intensity, more passion. I snaked my arms around his neck, intertwined my fingers in his hair whilst kissing him back.

I had to break off eventually though.

'I have to get ready for Grace's.' 

'It doesn't matter if we're late,' he muttered into my neck. 

'It's rude,' I smiled, although tempted by the idea.

I kissed him one final time before gently pushing him off me. 

'I have to get ready.'

'That's just cruel Summer,' he frowned playfully. 

I winked at him before disappearing into my closet. 

The End

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