On the roof.

    Ok I've got to get to the roof and theres three ways I can get there. I could take the elevator, no wait DING DING DING!! powers out genius! No elevator, that means theres only two ways I can go.. I can slip out the window, and climb up the roof levels, which I really don't want to do what with all this water and lightening! So that leaves the basement ladder the goes straight up a hole, through the entire mansion, all the way up to the roof. Yes the ladder that for all I know, hasn't been used in years, and has always been off limits to me. Yeah that ladder... On second thought, maybe climbing out the window, could be the last thing whatever is up there would expect, and I need every advantage I can get!

    Jesus walking down these halls in pitch blackness. Shining my flashlight from the carpet to the old framed family photo's, on each side of the wall. It makes me think about old times. About sad times. hated times. Empty times. I don't feel a damn thing from any one member of my gigantic family, and they all lay on the whole.. OH I"M YOUR FRIENDLY LOVING FAMILY, routine so much.. As long as thats how we seem in pictures... Life is perfect. But in reality its quite another story isn't it? None of us know the slightest real thing about each other. Especially Mom and Dad, its like between the two of them there must be six thousand different personalities.

    Well I'm here at the window where I can climb out to a lower roof level... Maybe I shouldn't go out this way.. Can I see anything? Holy crap! I'm really starting to get scared about what that blood was. Ok Just breathe! I have to do this! Opening the window and out I go. I hear dragging.. And footsteps! For the love of god whats going on!? I climb up bravely holding my bat and flashlight. I start to see a man dragging a body on top of the roof. It looks like.. No! Theres no way. I climb to the top and he stops..


"No son! I mean it's not what you think!"

"You killed Mom!? What are you doing with her body!?" My voice trembling between hopeless terror, and bursting with rage.

"It's not what you think son.. She was going to kill me!! She was going to kill all of us! You have to understand!"

"How the hell!? Did you climb up the side of the house with her!? And what! Was that blood splatter on my window?" I raise my bat. I'm getting ready to attack. I don't even need an explanation do I? Take a swing at him! He murdered my Mom! He's some sort of super natural monster I know it!

Oh my God! he just showed his teeth and fangs grew out through every tooth, and his eyes were glowing green and red!!

"Now son.. I need you to understand.. What if... What if I had power!? What if I had, limitless power! And I could share that power! With this whole family! Including you! What would you say to that my son?"

"I'd say that I hate this family! And the last thing we deserve... Is limitless power!"

    With all my might I swing my bat at his head, I watch as it smashes into goop. But then the rest of his body turns into the same green goop. It then floats through the cracks in the roof down the mysterious ladder. I hear my father's evil laughter echo through my brain! I have to tend to my mother. It looks like she's still breathing...If I can just wake her up, maybe seal up her stomach wound.. What could she have to tell me? Maybe she can help me defeat dad, and whatever else is out there.

But then again, maybe I should go straight down the creepy ladder, after my so called dad... What should I do?

The End

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