It seemed like a good idea at the time. It was only supposed to distract Leighton fro asking her anymore questions. She didn’t mean to feel it. But she did and she failed to get Leighton to stop asking the questions. And now, she wanted to die more than ever. Shayne figured that when she died, she wouldn’t have to live through this life that she hated so much. She would be free. Shayne looked down into the school pool, took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “Shayne?” a familiar voice called, Shayne didn’t have to see that it was Leighton that called out to her. ‘ How did she even know I was here!?’  Shayne thought angrily to herself. “Shayne, What’re you doing here? You can’t even swim.” Leighton stated, denying to herself that her best friend planned to drown herself. “That’s the point.” Shayne replied, staring down at the deep end of the pool. When Shayne saw at the corner of her eye that Leighton was walking slowly towards her, she took a deep breath and stepped in. ‘Down. Down. Down.Down. There we go...the floor. Now all I have to do is stay down here, and it’ll be over.’ Shayne said to herself, forcing herself to stay down. Suddenly, she felt something splash into the water; but when she looked to see what it was, she was surprised to see who it was. ‘Leigh? Wait a minute. She can’t swim! What the hell is she doing?!’ Shayne asked herself as she saw Leighton coming closer to her, and saw her face when she realized that she couldn’t get back up. Shayne swam towards her friend, grabbed her hand and swam her up to the pool ledge. When Leighton surfaced with Shayne, she came out sputtering and gasping for air. Shayne sat Leighton up, and gently rubbed her back. She sighed to herself and realized that there is one person that cares about her, enough to save her. She stared at her best friend, and felt sorry for her; Leighton was willing to save someone who didn’t want to be saved. “Wh- When did you learn?” Leighton asked catching her breath, and staring at Shayne. “ Why did you come if you didn’t know how to swim?” Shayne asked, suddenly feeling angry. “You could have died you idiot! What’s wrong with you?!” Shayne screamed, frustrated. “I don’t want you to die. I hate that you feel this way. I hate the person that makes you feel this way. Tell me what he did to you and I’ll help you.” Leighton said softly, hugging Shayne. “Them. Not him. People. Not person.” Shayne said dully, sighing ad staring at the water again. “Who’s them?” Leighton asked, wondering to herself what these people are doing to her best friend that makes her want to actually take her own life. “I can’t tell you.” Shayne said, looking up and spotting the clock at the other end of the pool. “Shit! I have to go. I’ll talk to you latere or something, okay? Oh and....please don’t tell Trick.” Shayne said, as she hurried out the door, leaving Leighton with her own thoughts. As Shayne walked through the doors of the school, she couldn’t help but think about how much she wanted to tell Leighton what was really wrong with her. She didn’t only need help; she wanted it too. She couldn’t risk putting her best friend, the only one that wanted to help her; in danger.  Suddenly, her phone played that song that indicated that Nathanial was calling her; she was so sick of how he treated her. It was like she was his personal punching bag and bitch whenever he needed to relieve himself. She couldn’t help thinking that he was the source of everything so horrible in her life. The day that she told her parents about Nathanial was the day that everything buried her deeper. She felt stupid for thinking that he parents would care.

                Shayne was in her room, music blasting, tears streaming down her face. There was a knock on the door, and when she opened it. Her dad was standing in front of her. At first, she thought he would apologize, or something. But instead, he shoved her. HARD. So hard that her back hit the ledge of her computer desk, and fell onto the floor. She was in so much pain that she couldn’t hear what her father was saying, but she knew he was really, really mad. She felt her father’s foot making sharp contacts with her ribs, over and over again. When he stopped, he grabbed her shirt and threw her against a wall, and proceeded to strip of her clothes, until she was in her underwear. Then he ripped those off and raped her.

                Shayne shook her head of that memory, which has been more than a memory, because he didn’t stop that day. Her father and her boyfriend were both raping her. And they both knew it. Shayne placed her phone in her blazer pocket, and just as she was crossing the street, a familiar car stopped right in front of her.  “Shayne, get it.” Leighton instructed, in a “I want to save you” tone of voice. Leighton’s voice moved Shayne from the sidewalk to the inside of her car, but neither of them noticed that there was a very angry 19 year old boy on a red motorbike that was watching them

The End

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