Suicidal GirlMature

                As Shayne sat in the passenger’s seat of her best friend’s, Leighton Miller, car she thought about the only way she could escape from her far-from-perfect life; and came up with only one solution. Shayne turned to Leighton, watching her drive, picturing how she’d react once she found out that her best friend took her own life. Leighton noticed that Shayne was staring and noticed that here friend was acting not like herself, “Shayne? What’s with the staring?” Leighton asked, concerned. “You know how you hear that suicidal people don’t tell anybody that their suicidal?” Shayne asked, now looking ahead at the road in front of her. “Uhm...yeah?” Leighton answered, suddenly feelin a bit disturbed that her best friend would talk about something like suicide. “It’s not true” Shayne replied, dully. “What do you mean?” Leighton asked, pulling over to the side of the road she was driving on. “I mean...Nothing. Forget it. “ Shayne said casually, rubbing the back of her neck and giving out a heavy, frustrated sigh. "Tell me. I don't want to wake up tomorrow by my mother telling me that my best friend is dead. So tell me." Leighton stated, turning the cars ignition off. "We're going to be late, Leigh." Shayne said, pointing at her watch. "We'll get detention together then. But right now, this is important. What you have to say and what you need to me to listen to is important." Leighton replied, taking Shayne's hand in here own. "What do you want to know then?" Shayne asked, swallowing the lump in her throat. 'Why couldn't you just have kept your mouth shut, you stupid idiot! They're all right. You ARE stupid. You're not worth anybody's time. You're WORTHLESS.' an angry voice echoed in Shayne's head. Shayne leaned forward and put her head in her hands, she didn't know what to do. All she wanted was to die. "Who's making you feel this way?" Leighton asked, rubbing Shayne's back. "I...I can't." Shayne whispered, tears welling up in her eyes, but she blinked them away. "I'm your best friend, Shayne. Who would I tell? Better yet, WHY would I tell? I love you, Shayne. No matter what. I love you." Leighton said, suddenly feeling as if she had said something that she knew she shouldn't have said; but, also feeling like a weights' been lifted off her shoulders. Shayne glanced over at her best friend, and realized something about herself. She was Evil. Shayne figured that if Leighton really did swing that way, Shayne could kss her and she'd totally forget what they were talking about. So that's what she did. Shayne leaned towards her best friend and kissed her like she's never kissed anybody. When they finally broke the connection, they were both blushing red. "Why did you do that?" Leighton asked, raising an eyebrow knowing full well that there was no way that Shayne swung that way, since she had a boyfriend. Suddenly, she felt like she ran right into a brick wall, The Boyfriend. "Is it Nathan?" Leighton asked, noticing how Shayne involuntarily flinched. "...Wh..What?' Shayne asked nervously, avoiding any kind of eye contact with Leighton. "It's him. Isn't it. Why're you still with him if he's treating you like that?? He's making you think all of these dangereous thoughts." Leighton asked, gently grabbing Shayne's face with her two hands and made Shayne face her. "It's not only him. It's me. I want to die. I can't take it here anymore. I need to go." Shayne said, as she stepped out of Leighton's car and walked to school.

The End

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