Alone in the Dark.Mature

Prologue: Identical.


In St. Mary’s Catholic School for Girls, Shayne Laurel Montgomery was the most popular, hottest, smartest student in the whole of her Junior year. Shayne was popular because she was hot, rich, and smart; and don’t forget the nicest, most generous person you could’ve ever met. In other girls’ eyes, Shayne Laurel Montgomery was higher than perfect.  Shayne also had an identical twin brother, who was 4 minutes and 38 seconds older, and his name was Aaron Patrick Montgomery. He attended St. Michael’s Catholic School for Boys, and had almost the same reputation as his sister. He was the smartest in his year, the most popular, and had the best personality. The only difference was that he played sports; he was Captain of the Baseball and Rugby teams. Shayne and Aaron had the same straight, jet black hair; the same blue and green eyes (their right eye was emerald green and their left was blue); and they were also abnormally protective of each other when it came to who Shayne was dating and vice versa for Aaron. Shayne was the girl that all the boys from Aaron’s school wanted to date or have sex with; and Aaron was the boy that all the girls fell for. But, Shayne already had a boyfriend, Nathanial James Andrews, Aaron’s best friend since they were children. He was known as the gentlemen everybody, since he treated Shayne with such respect and kindness; but that was what he was known as.

The End

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