alone in the dark


It was a dark and stormy night! I mean it was really dark and stormy, like way more then you'd normally expect. And this was just two nights ago, and now, here tonight, it is even more dark and stormy as it was too nights ago! Its as if there is some kind of supernatural presence making it more dark and stormy then it should possibly be able to be. But I don't know I just think things like that when I'm alone and scared. Like right now!! I'm terrified!! I'm shaking so bad I've got 5 blankets over me! I'm 19 years old for crying out loud and I'm still scared of the dark!

Did I mention that Im all alone in a big dark mansion and the power went out 3 hours ago! No power means no heat!! and its mighty cold by now I can assure you! And I'm scared!! I'm freaking terrified! Right now you probably want me to tell you my name! But I couldn't care less to tell you being as pee pants scared as I am! I have bigger things to worry about. Like where in the name of god did that blood splatter on my window come from!? Oh Jesus I just noticed it! what is it from a bird!? Did it make a noise!? I don't know I was thinking too much! Maybe its from a human!! and I'm on the 6th floor... Maybe a burgler.. Maybe its something I don't even want to think about... Maybe its something I can't think about!?

No I can't just sit here wrapped up in blankets!! I have to go check it out! If not for myself, my family, or this house, but for the good of man kind. Up I go I'm pretty sure I hid an aluminum baseball bat under my bed for security. YES! here it is, now where is that flashlight.. Right on the shelf got it!!

Ok so the blood splatter seems to have washed away in the rain.. but... there is blood trinkeling down the window as if its coming from the roof! OK now this is starting to get scary. What the hell is up there!! WHAT is going on!?

Well I can be sure that I wont be able to sleep soundly until I either figure this out or die trying. But I have a feeling that by the end of tonight, my name Jack Mcaully will mean something.


The End

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