Have you ever felt alone, when something went wrong

When someone hurt you bad and everything had gone

Have you ever felt that you needed some help

No matter who it's from just as long as it helps

The angriness  and happiness, love died inside

The killer instinct you thought you'd never have

Has grown over night

The feeling of revenge and fury within

Makes you even more determined, to make sure you win

Whether it's mentally or physically, you decide the verdict

Any actions you make, can't be much worse than his

How could someone be so cold

With no conscience within their soul

Living that dreadful dream you hoped would never unfold

With every new school, the same story is told

Each and every one with a different twist to know

Of course each are made up and everybody knows

But they still believe what is put up on show

Because it's a bit of gossip, that the girls can take and go

But the hurtfulness inside is never really shown

The smile hides the most, so your happiness is sold

The day you finally realise, that you know your friends

Is the day that you can say, 'I will never grieve again'

The End

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