When life can become a bit too much.

Sophie woke to the rain pounding against the window and the wind was howling. She knew what was ahead of her again today,oh the sorrow she felt was overwhelming. Another day of no job,no money,no friends,no family,no love,no motivation,no one. She was feeling at her wits end today especially though,more than other days. Bleak and alone,bleak and alone,so very bleak and alone. She dragged herself out of bed and started shaking with the piercing cold. The oil had not been ordered in quite some time because she could not pay, and now her only means of heat was the open fire. "Thank God",she said aloud for the open fire. Sophie could not remember the feeling of warmth from any other source- not even the human touch; it felt as though she had been feeling cold all her life. Being abandoned by everyone certainly was the coldest feeling of all and she hated the bitter feeling and resentment which constantly haunted her daily life, "why me? why me?". She lit a match to the fire and prayed it would provide some quick heat,this flame was all she could rely on to make her heart flutter,if only for the short term anyway. As the flames grew thicker and stronger,she stared deep into them and felt the glow against her ashen face heal the hurts of a lonely girl,a childhood lost. She hugged herself tightly in the hopes she would feel reassured like other days,but instead all that came was a stream of heavy tears. She sobbed and sobbed for what felt like an eternity,rocking back and forth in the squeaky armchair ,knowing that soon this fire would die down...the fire will die down. And then what? Panic ensued. She felt sick. She felt frightened. She needed help,but there was no one who cared,no one wanted her and no one ever would. By now,her tired eyes were red raw and stinging. She had to think of a plan,but what? She knew she could not go on like this for much longer,her soul was dying fast and so was her mind. The only one to save her now was herself and she vowed to do just that.

The End

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