Rachel The Dogcatcher

                                             Chapter 11
                                   Rachel The Dogcatcher
     I would do another commentary on running for my life here but I think you got it the first time. Lets just say that I owe a whole lot of people apologies.
     Finn was outside with Darth and Calvin, looking restless. When he saw me he jumped up.
     "What's happening in there? I saw all the people running but I didn't want to leave Darth and Calvin."
     "Leon and Rachel got into a fight. Claws out."
     "Awesome! Can we see? We wanna' see." Calvin said.
     "No. Too dangerous. Besides, Rachel's fine. I'm pretty sure she was winning."
     "Fine, then we wait," Finn said leaning on the hood of the car.
      About a minute later, he got back up and started pacing.
     "What's taking them so long? Should I go in? No, yes, no, I'm going in."
     He got a running start then jumped, ready to transform, when Darth screamed,"Wait!"
     Finn tumbled to the ground painfully.
     "What was that for?"
     "Look, she's coming out."
     Sure enough, there was Rachel pushing Leon in front of her like a prisoner.
     "Finn, get in the back. Scum gets to sit up front with me."
     She shoved Leon into the passenger seat and slammed the door.
     Calvin looked at her than asked ,"Where'd you get the, you know, clothes?"
     "Give me a little credit. I bought them. Now get in the back. We've got work to do."











The End

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