This needs to stop happening

                                                          Chapter 10
                                 This needs to stop happening
     I walked out of the McDonalds with an incredible rush. Like the time I rode the vomit comet three times in a row at the fair.
     Rachel was waiting for me outside the door with a strange mix of pride and worry on her face.
     "That was incredible! That was-that was-that was just incredible! Did you see the look on his face? Priceless. I bet that's what dumping a guy feels like. I wish you could've heard that!"
     "I think I got the gist. What did you say to him at the end? It must have been pretty bad."
     "What do you- oh, yeah, that. I called him kitty cat. You know, Leon lion. If I was a werewolf and my name meant lion, it would annoy me."
     She winced, "Yeah, that's a sore spot for him. You really know how to push people's buttons, don't you?"
     "It's a skill. But yeah, he went crazy, didn't he? He was making up a whole bunch of stuff about you hiding stuff and stuff I didn't know and stuff I don't know and -hey what's wrong?"
     "I-uh- I'm not sure if getting Leon furious was the best strategy."
     I squinted at her. What had she expected me to do? Have a nice talk and work things out? She must have expected that. Unless...unless she was upset about something else.
     "Are you sure that's what it is? Did Leon say something or did I do something or did-"
     "I'm the one who bit Leon."
     Is it too much to ask for a good mood that lasts for more than 12 seconds?
     "You did what?"
     "I, I it was stupid. I was upset. I was having a bad day. It was a full moon. I didn't want to think so I let the wolf take over. Leon wasn't supposed to be there. I know I should have told you but-"
     "It's Ok. Just, Ok," it wasn't her fault. Well, it was her fault but it wasn't like she had planned this entire thing to make my life suck. Right?
     "It's OK, just let me enjoy this for a second. Then we can-"
     Then the screaming started.
     Have you ever kicked over an anthill? I used to all the time. It was kind of cool watching the ants run around crazily all over the place. Well, that's how the mall looked now. People were going crazy, slamming into each other, tripping. Just crazy. And I had a pretty good idea what they were running from.
     Rachel looked at me, and said one word.
     Then she wolfed out and jumped into the crowd.
     So for the second time that night, I found myself running for my life.

The End

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