I get to meet my stalker, Part 2

                                               Chapter 9
                           I get to meet my stalker, Part 2
     "No need to be so hostile. I just wanted to talk."
     "Look, you stalk me, kidnap my brothers, and plan on biting me, expect hostile."
     "I just thought-"
     "You just thought what?" I spat, "That I would come and you would- I don't even know. Sweep me off my feet? I'm 14! How old are you? 30?"
     He got all pouty and his voice went from all cool and debonair to high and whiny.
     "This wasn't supposed to go like this."
     "Oh, I'm sorry, did I hurt your feelings? Well deal with it. I came here for only two reasons. One was to get Calvin and Darth back, which I did. The other was to tell you that if you ever come anywhere remotely near them or me ever again I will shove this ring so far down your throat you will choke before the silver even has a chance to effect you."
     Yeah, I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to back up those threats but I was so angry, it sounded like I could.
     "Now, I don't care about any sense of entitlement you might have towards me because the stuff with you and my mom or whatever but stay away from me. Stay away from me. Stay away from my family. Stay out of my life."
     Then I got up and decided to throw in one last jab, "By the way, doesn't Leon mean cat or something?"
     By now, any pretense of niceness was gone and he was in full crazy person mode.
     "You think you've got it all figured out. You think Rachel's telling you everything? Ha! Ask her about what she did to me. Then you'll see."
     I turned around, "Whatever. Later kitty cat."


The End

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