I get to meet my stalker, Part 1

                                            Chapter 8
                         I get to meet my stalker, Part 1
     So that's how I ended up standing nervously outside the new McDonalds in the mall. "You can still get out of this," Rachel said, "We won't blame you."
     I shook my head, "No. I'm doing this. Just make sure nothing happens."
     She nodded but she still looked about as nervous as I felt. Finn was hanging back to spring into action if needed.
     I took a second to put on a calm face, then walked in.
     He was easy to spot because he was the one looking at the door every 2 seconds like he was waiting for a date. Then I realized that that would make me the date and I shuddered.
     He smiled when he saw me, "Diana, so nice of you to come."
      "Like you gave me much of a choice. Where are Darth and Calvin?"
     "They're two booths down. They're fine you know. I didn't do anything to them."
     "Before you get even get one more word out of me, you'll let them go."
     He waved his hands, "Of course, I was going to anyway."
     I spotted them, right where he said they'd be. They saw me and ran over.
     Darth kicked him under the table on the way over, which raised my opinion of him so much.
     "Are you guys Ok?" I asked, pulling them both close.
     "Yeah, fine. He didn't do anything." Calvin narrowed his eyes, "Yet."
     "Both of you, go outside and stay with Finn, Ok?"
     They both nodded and I watched them walk out. Then, I turned to him and gave him my best death glare.
     "OK, I'm here. You got what you wanted. Let's get this over with."

The End

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