This is wrong on so many different levels

                                                  Chapter 7
                     This is wrong on so many different levels
     The room went dead silent after that. The only thing you could hear was the faint sound of cartoon violence in the next room.
     "He wants to bite me? Are you sure?"
     She nodded, "Pretty sure. He's following the same pattern that he did with your Mom. Obsess, stalk, bite. We were trying to stop it before that last bit."
     "Why does he have to be a wolf? Which idiot bit him?"
     She shrugged, "Beats me," then she asked, "Are you OK? You're taking this pretty well, considering."
     No. No, I'm not taking this well. I'm being stalked by a psycho werewolf. I, oh, and lets not forget the rest of my family, are in terrible danger. Thanks for asking.
     "Yeah, I'm fine. So, what do we do?"
     Finn had been quiet for a long time, but now he spoke, "We take him down. That's what! I know the situation sucks, but do you know how much it sucks to be able to do this and not allowed?"
     I glared at him for being so excited about the current situation and he had the good sense to wipe the stupid grin off his face.
     "What I actually meant is what are we going to do specifically?"
     "Well, we haven't been doing nothing," Rachel said, "but now that he's made a move, we can get on the offense. "
     "Wait, offense? Your plan is to beat him up 'till he stops?"
     "Pretty much," Finn said.
     "You haven't tried that yet?"
     "No. Rachel said we should try to fix this nonviolently as long as he didn't try anything," He said nonviolent the same way a normal person says throw up or summer reading assignment.
     Rachel shook her head at him, "We're not trying to kill him. Just stop him. Not that I wouldn't mind getting in some damage. Oh, by the way, here." She handed me a silver ring that she got out of her pocket.
     "You should wear this. It should keep him from getting too close to you. In wolf form at least."
     "Shouldn't Darth and Calvin get some silver too? If he's targeting me, they'll be in danger too. Oh, and my Dad."
     "I'll get some for them," Finn said, getting up.
     Once he was gone, Rachel walked over and touched my shoulder.
     "Are you sure you're Ok?"
     She sounded so sincere, so sorry she had dumped all this crap on me that I didn't lie.
     "No. No I'm not OK. This is pretty much my worst day ever. I'm probably going to get mauled to death, I'm being stalked and, oh yeah, when Dad gets home and I'm not there he will put my mangled body back together and re-kill me."
     "Don't worry. You'll be fine. Now that you know what's going on and you have some protection, we can fix this," Then she smiled slyly, "and I wouldn't worry about that last one if I were you. I had Finn go slash his tires before he came back. Your Dad won't be going anywhere for a while."
     That got a small smile out of me and Rachel patted me on the back, "We'll get through this and then you can get back to your life like this never happened."
     I smiled a little at that too. There was no way I could pretend that that none of this had happened. Still, it was nice to think that I'd be able to put all of this behind me.
     And then Finn had to ruin it.
     "Guys! Come here quick!"
     We rushed into the living room to find Finn alone in the living room.
     "What is it?" I asked. From the tone of his voice, I was expecting hordes of angry zombie pirates or something, not an empty room.
     "There's nothing in here."
     "Exactly. I checked all the rooms. I went outside. Calvin and Darth are gone."
     At that moment, I flat lined. I swear I did. Even with all the general terribleness of this day, I had never felt as bad as I had at this moment. Never. And it was just getting worse.
     "It gets worse," Finn said handing a card to Rachel, "I found that in here."
     The card was printed out of that fancy kind of cardstock, they use for weddings and graduations and stuff. As I read over Rachel's shoulder. I felt myself get sicker and sicker.
     Diana. 9:00 McDonalds Lakeview Mall L
     I stumbled back and dropped myself on the couch with my eyes closed for about a minute. When I opened my eyes, both Rachel and Finn were looking down at me, concerned.
     "You do know you don't have to do this if you don't want to, right? We'll take care of it. We'll get them back."
     "No," I said, suddenly furious, "No. He wants me there, I'll be there. Besides, I never did get to eat that pizza."







The End

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