Guys are Dogs

                                                           Chapter 6
                                                       Guys are dogs
     "So, why did you bring us here?"
     We were in the kitchen to "talk business" minus Calvin and Darth, who Rachel sent to go play video games.
     "It's a pretty long story."
     I drummed by fingers on the table, "I have time."
     "Well, remember the man, from before? Brown hair, about my age."
     "Yeah, pizza guy, right?"
     "He's not really a pizza guy, but right. First, just to get it out of the way, he's a werewolf."
     "So. You are too and you're not dangerous. At least I don't think so."
     "He's not dangerous because ‘cause he's a werewolf. He's dangerous because he's a stalker." Finn said.
     "He's a what?" I felt my stomach start to drop.
     "A stalker. That's what he was doing there. He stalked your mom too. Right Rachel?"
     Her face were buried in her hands.
     "I was planning on saying it more tactfully , but yes. He did stalk your mom and he has been stalking you."
     "Because he wanted her and he couldn't have her. He liked her in high school but so did about half the male population of the school and none of them tried to stalk her. They dated for, about, a week before she finally realized how right I was about the fact that he was a creep."
     "And you know this how?"
     "We went to the same high school."
     "Oh. Anything else you forgot to tell me?"
     She shifted uncomfortably in her seat, "Are you sure you want to know?"
     "Just tell me. How bad could it be?"
     She took a deep breath then said, "Your Mom was a werewolf."
     "WHAT!" That was a level of bad that I hadn't even considered.
     "Not, while she was pregnant with you or Calvin," she added quickly, trying to calm me down, "It didn't get passed on."
     "Why? How?"
     "Leon did it. He thought that if he did that, your mom would freak and run. Right into his arms. But it didn't work obviously. I found out what he did and got to her before he could start the lies."
     Even though I trusted Rachel more or less this was a lot to digest. She didn't have a reason to lie to me that I could see but I still found it hard to believe... pretty much all of the stuff she had just said.
     "So this creep's been stalking me?"
     "Yeah. About a year now."
     "What does he want from me?"
     "This is where it gets-uncomfortable. At first, I thought he was just doing it to undermine me. I had told him not to mess with your family. Then, it started to get more obsessive. It doesn't help that you look so much like your Mom."
     A few hours ago, I would have been ecstatic to hear that, but now, it just made me sick.
     "It was just the following you for a while," she continued ,"and I made sure that, that didn't get too far, but now that he's made contact-"
     "What," I demanded, "what does it mean?"
     "It means he's planning to bite you."

The End

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