Darth, you can stop drooling now, Seriously

                                                       Chapter 5
                         Darth, you can stop drooling now, Seriously
     A wolf. He turned into a wolf. And just in case you didn't get that, he turned into a freakin' wolf! Or exploded is more like it. Brown fur suddenly burst out of nowhere and he at least doubled in bulk. Shreds of torn clothing slowly floated down and hit the floor. And ,somehow, this still shocked me less then seeing him naked.
     "Well, at least I know where his clothes went," I said mildly.
     Then I realized something else, "Hey, you were the dog from before, right?"
     He nodded with a goofy doggy grin plastered on his face.
     Calvin and Darth were floored. They were ecstatic. I thought they were going to die front the happiness. Actually, they probably did.
     Rachel was considerably less thrilled, "Great. That's the second set of shredded clothes this week. Your parents are going to love this."
     He just started back at her with big brown eyes.
     "Ugh, well I guess that cat's out of the bag."
     I thought about saying, "You mean wolf." but that would have been too easy.
     "You said he's your apprentice. So, you're a werewolf trainer?"
     "Not exactly. See, I'm the one who...infected Finn so it's my responsibility."
     "Whoa, whoa, whoa! You bit him?" I asked, backing up.
     "No! Well, yes but not on purpose."
     Finn nodded vigorously, then held up a paw and ran down the hall. A few minutes later, he came back in human form.
     "No it's OK. She's cool now. She explained this to me." Finn said, "It wasn't her fault. It was a full moon and she didn't have her silver. "
     "What does that have to do with anything."
     "Oh, you don't know. Usually we transform we get the wolf body and that's it. On full moons we get the entire package. Body and mind. It's crazy. The silver stops it. And before you ask why she didn't have and silver, she did. It got stolen. So, you can stop backing up. She's not going to bite you."
     "Are you sure?" Calvin asked, sounding a little disappointed.
     "Positive," Rachel said, "I don't think your Dad would like that."
     "So can we at least see your wolf?"
     "I'm not sure that would be the best idea."
     Calvin turned on the puppy dog face. Darth got the message and joined in.
     Good luck saying no to that Lady.
     She caved, of course. Everyone always does.
     When she started taking off he shirt, I freaked a little but she had on an under shirt plus shorts under her pants.
     "To minimize the destroyed clothes," She explained.
     Then, she closed her eyes, concentrated, and wolfed out. Her wolf looked almost the same as Finn's except for two things. One: It was a little bigger and Two: Her eyes were different. Blue instead of brown.
     She stood straight up and paraded around a little like she was in a dog show. Then she picked up her clothes gently in her teeth and walked down the hall into a room.
     She came backing wearing the same clothes and a serious expression.
     "OK, fun's over. Now, we talk business.

The End

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