The Giant Wolf At The End Of This Chapter

                                                      Chapter 4
                         (The giant wolf at the end of this chapter)
     After a whole bunch of dry retching, I realized something. Even though I had turned around as fast as I possibly could have, I had still gotten a glimpse of the guy's face. He seemed familiar.
     "Who was that?" Darth asked, through his and Calvin's collective giggle fit.
     "My-uh- apprentice would be the best word I guess. Finn"
     Finn! That was it. I knew she had mentioned his name before but I hadn't even considered that her Finn and my Finn were the same guy. In fact, I still wasn't sure.   That is , I wasn't sure until he walked out, now fully clothed in a t-shirt and baggy cargo pants.
     "Hey Di, Calvin, Darth. I didn't expect you guys here so soon."
     "You knew about this? Do your parents even know that you‘re here? " I asked incredulously.
     "Oh, Rachel's cool and my parents know."
     I was at a loss for words. On the one hand, I still didn't trust this woman. Even though it didn't look like she had hurt me or the boys for that matter. On the other hand, Finn was there being totally calm and I trusted him, more or less.
     Calvin, however was not at a loss for words, "Are you sure you're not bad guys?"
     "No, why?"
     "Because, only bad guys have apprentices. Oh, and wizards. Are you a wizard?"
     "No. But to you want to see a trick?"
     Calvin and Darth both eagerly nodded yes at the same time Rachel shouted, "Finn no!"
     And then he turned into a wolf.


The End

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