Running For Your Life Builds Character

                                                       Chapter 2
                               Running for your life builds character
     A few months ago, Darth told me this story about a lady who drove over her kid by accident then got so hyped up on adrenaline that she lifted the car off of him. He also told me that he got the story of the internet so I didn't believe it at all. But now, running out of the house hauling Calvin and Darth with me, I was starting to rethink that.
     "What are you doing?" Calvin yelled, trying to get out of the death grip I had on his wrist.
     "Giant. Killer. Dog." I panted out without slowing down.
     Ever notice how unnecessary words fail you when you're running for your life?
     "What do-oh! Man!"
     As if on cue, the dog left pizza boy and started running towards us.
     "Di-did you know that dogs can run-"
     "Not the time Darth," I snapped.
     I quickly thought through all the places in the house where we could escape to that were dog safe when it came to me.
     "Guys, tree house!"
     The "tree house" is more like a tree floor. Dad started building it but it never really happened so it's basically just the floor and some posts. Darth and Calvin like it better like that because they get to jump out without using the ladder.
     We got out the back door and into the backyard in record time, with the dog at our heels.
     "Last one up is dog meat!" I yelled.
     Looking back, I probably could have said something less morbidly accurate.
     It did help though. The boys scrambled up the tree trunk like the little monkeys they are and I used the ladder.
     The wolf/dog chased us up to the tree then screeched to a halt and sat up like a soldier, which, to think about it, was pretty weird. Darth has a dog and I've seen it chase poor unlucky squirrels up trees then claw the tree to shreds and yap up and the squirrel. Of course, I didn't notice at the time.
     "What do we do now?" whispered Calvin.
     "Wait him out I guess. Hold on. I think I have my cell-"
     And that's when everything went wrong.
     There was a dull thud as a figure dropped from higher up in the tree to the wooden floor. The person was wearing a mask, so I couldn't see a face but, from the shape, I could tell it was definitely not a guy.
     "Wh-" I started but before I said get one word out, the woman stepped up and shoved Darth and Calvin straight out of the tree.
      You know how in action movies, when someone's falling or there's an explosion the movie suddenly goes into slo-mo and you can see their eyes bugging out and their mouth widening and stuff? Well, it wasn't like that at all. One second they were there and the next, they weren't.
     Not only was I confused, I was infuriated. Sure, Darth and Calvin are annoying but that doesn't mean I want people throwing them out of freakin' trees! As instinctively as I had ran from the dog, I got a running start and attacked the woman, not stopping to think that she was bigger than me and that I had no fighting skills or weapons until I was already in mid-air. 
     She easily knocked me down and held me from behind, strongly enough so that I couldn't run but not enough so that it hurt.
     "Shh, don't worry. Take it easy. We're here to help."
     "What do you mrph-"
     She put her hand over my mouth.
     "Shh! Diana, we can't let him hear."
     "Mrph!" Translation: Who are you and how do you know my name?"
     "Calm down, I won't hurt you just trust me for a sec."
     Even though this woman had ambushed me, pushed Darth and Calvin out of the tree and had me in a choke hold there was something about her voice that sounded, I don't know, sincere. So, trustingly (Read: stupidly), I relaxed.
     "Ok, do you have any silver on you?"
     I shook my head, I'm not much for jewelry.
     "Good," she said. "oh, and don't worry about your brothers. Finn has them."
     Then she let me out of the hold, and pushed me out of the tree house.
     I was so shocked I didn't even have time for a scream. I just kinda' made this pathetic half yelp on the way down then I landed. Not on the ground but on something furry and warm. I had the sickening feeling that I had just landed myself death my mauling, but that thought was cut short as I felt a sharp pain in my back and blacked out.

The End

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