Almost Got Me

It almost got me.
As it held me in its powerful hypnotic stare, my very short life flashed before my tear ridden eyes.
My birth, my first steps, my first kiss…
the images punched through the present into the future, and i saw a woman holding my hand, watched as i walked down the aisle to her, as i held our first baby, as I held her and felt nothing but love.
As the demon opened its hate stained jaws to consume me, just another nobody, anger surfaced and flooded me, drowning my helplessness, my pathetic despair.
I might have nothing to life for now, but soon I will. Soon I wil.
The anger turned to rage, and I broke free of its hypnotic gaze, too late to stop it devouring me whole.
I was inside Satan’s stomach, unholy acid searing and melting my skin, mutating me into an unrecognisable skeleton, but my love for her kept me on my feet, kept my screams stifled inside my heaving chest.
With a furious roar, I delved into my sapping strength and started to punch through it's pulsating stomach wall, and tore its black heart apart inside its stinking, writhing body.
The pouring blood engulfed me and scolded me as I ended its existence, and its final blood curdling scream rocked the walls of reality.
I clung onto my existence until I was certain it had been slain, focusing every bit of energy on my heartbeat, willing it to continue, until the candle of my life flickered out and I fell to the floor in a lifeless, bloodied heap.
I had stopped the beast’s reign of terror before it had started, I contented myself, and as I floated up to heaven, my eyes scanned the surface, looking for my angel somewhere below in the endless masses swarming towards my body.
A shining light drew my attention, and my soul swooped down to Earth one final time.
There she was, so beautiful, so perfect.
She was smiling, like something wonderful had just happened.
I tried to touch her, but felt my soul being pulled back upwards.
I screamed for her, my hands calling her, and I begged God to let me be with her.
Please, God, please.

My eyes shot open, and I saw faces staring at me, none of which i recognised.
I looked around, panicked, wondering what had just happened, was it all a dream?
"Wh..where am i?" i asked anybody and nobody, my words faint and indistinct, barely more than a whisper.
"You’re awake. Wonderful. You’re in hospital, you tried to kill yourself, but we think it was also you who called the ambulance. You’ve been fighting for a long time... you must have found some reason to want to survive."
That voice...
She smiled down on me, lovingly, there seemed to be more behind her smile than the bedside manner taught in Nursing school.
I smiled back, forever thanking God inside my head.
"Have I seen you somewhere before?" she asked me, a sudden puzzled look on her face.
I looked into her eyes and smiled.

The End

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