[Meanwhile In Heaven]Mature

'Where did she go?' He yelled, he clutched the sides of his head.

'She went to the human world.' A stony-voiced angel replied, 'you brought this on yourself.'

'How so?!' He shouted, his voice rebounding around the walls of the room they stood within.

'You let her visit that place every day. You knew she would find her past.'

'She said it was important!'

'And it was to her. But to you, to you this has ruined your life.' The angel said, it raised a hand to pick at it's nails.

'How do I get her back?' He sank to his knee's, his hands clasped together, 'I beg of you... tell me how to return her!'

'You can't.' The angel's hand returned to it's side, 'she has committed a taboo, you fool! You do think she could ever make it back to heaven!'

'That naive girl...' He whispered, his head in his hands. His hands eventually balled up into shaking fists.

The angel took note of this and touched his shoulder, 'don't do anything rash.'

He looked up at him, tears brimming over.

'I can really do nothing?'


The End

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