Mari held out her slender hand, her face set into a friendly smile. Her eyes closed for a brief moment, so she missed the expression that crossed Angel's, but it passed so quickly. It was a sinful look of longing and love. Angel shut her eyes and took Mari's hand in a tight grip, determined not to let go.

'Thank you.' Angel said quietly, 'I'm glad.'


'You don't hate me.'

'Why would I hate you?' Mari laughed, linking arms with Angel. But Angel didn't want to link arms... she wanted to hold hands; she wanted to hold Mari's hand so tightly her finger would snap, but she left it be; she didn't want to push her luck.

'Because I am not human.'

'But if your an angel, then surely you were human once! And I hear angels are the purest creatures around.' Mari smiled a warm smile and patted Angels hand in comfort.

'Yes... yes I suppose so.' Angel pursed her lips, with her free hand she pulled Mari's cloak tighter over her shoulders.

'Are cold?' Mari asked, but carried on with pausing, 'I expect you would be! That outfit isn't very weather-efficient, is it? You could get arrested for wearing a dress that short!'

'Is it offensive?' Angel asked, glancing down at her ruffled white dress, which hem ended just above her knee.

'Oh yes. It's improper!' Mari nodded seriously, 'but if I say your from a foreign country, it should be fine... I think.'

'Will your family be aware of my staying over?' Angel asked nervously.

'Oh, don't worry. I now live with my three maids and fiance.' Mari smiled, cocking her head to the side. Mari noticed that Angels hair was just like the angels in the painting, golden with little, clustered ringlets throughout it.

As Mari cast admiring glanced towards Angel's hair, she didn't notice the way Angel purposely let her fringe cover the front of her face to hide the depression that hung obviously on her pretty face.

Fiance. The word seemed to resound and echo through Angel's head.

And as they approached the man who was bound to Mari by that disgusting word, Angel felt her stomach make a knot of itself. Mari gave a faint smile as she approached him, he returned it with a broad one of his own. Angel's mouth twitched down in distaste.

'Who is this, Mari?' He asked, peering round his wife, to Angel who had quickly grabbed Mari's hand and had no intent of letting go.

'This is my friend, Angel. I'm having her stay with us until she can find somewhere else to live.'

'Oh is that so?'

Angel felt a sour taste develop in her mouth, I wonder what this feeling is?

The End

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